About TW Languages

TW Languages is a multi-lingual translation and transcription service provider specialising in technical and scientific translations in up to 250 languages.

We are a UK registered company, based in Cheshire and a full member of the ATC & EUATC. We manage large projects, focusing on innovation, quality and meeting customers’ deadlines. We are a friendly and agile company with an ethos for ‘honesty, integrity, and transparency’. Our goal is to provide the highest quality in each translation we produce within the agreed time schedules.

TW Languages is part of the Future Group; Future Group is an international translation company with operations in Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia. TW Languages Ltd represents an investment initiative by Future Group in the UK Market.

With Future Group (www.f-g.com), TW Languages continues to provide the highest quality and great service as before.


To continue to grow the business and use our passion and desire to ensure every translation is of the highest quality and delivered on time. In doing this, we are committed to working with our clients in supporting them to achieve their global strategy.


The vision of the company is to continue to develop and extend our services globally which we can do by working together as a collective.

About The Team

We have a highly qualified in-house translation project management team where all individuals will have a Masters in Translation.

We have introduced a policy that each member of the translation management team completes a ‘Belbin self-perception’ questionnaire where their strengths and weaknesses are identified as to what role they will play within the team.

This also works as a motivational tool in staff development. Not only are we interested in team roles but we recognise that those with ‘completer finisher’ ability will produce the highest ‘quality’ in the translation checking process.

Staff appraisal also recognises continuous professional development needs to further progress their careers.


The company was founded in 1999 to provide a ‘business to business’ language service for the corporate market. In 2006 we made a strategic decision to consolidate all language services and concentrate on the growth area of the business this being technical and scientific translations and transcriptions.

The market sectors we continue to work in are Agrochemical / Agrichemical, Manufacturing and Engineering, Accounting and Business strategy, where translations and transcriptions require the highest quality levels.

Quality & ISO 17100

‘Quality’ is one of our Key Performance Indicators and we use this as a measure of performance and success. We DO NOT compromise on quality and continually review our systems and processes to ensure the highest standard. TW Languages was certified to International Standard ISO 17100 in July 2016 & ISO-IEC 27001 – 2013. The International Standard ISO 17100 sets out requirements for the processes, resources and other aspects necessary for the delivery of a quality translation service. Managing Director, “By achieving a badge of quality this demonstrates that the team at TW Languages are committed to continually providing a professional high quality translation service”.

TW Languages is a recognised translation service provider who provides certified translations for legal purposes i.e. Public notaries, other legal professions and Government bodies.


Native Speakers

A criteria for the translators and revisers who are specifically selected to work on a project is that they are natives in the target language, with the majority of them being based in the target country.

Our translators will ensure that the translation is localised to the target market. We also select the individuals for their competencies in the technical subject area. As a further quality measure we ensure that both translator and reviser work independently.

Our relationship with our translators and revisers is very important to us and we work very closely with each individual on every assignment. Even though the translators are based around the world they are part of the team where we share information, reference material and provide full support. They also hear the positive feedback we receive from our clients on a job well done! TW Languages is highly ranked by translators as being one of the best translation companies to work for.

We have worked with a large number of our translators for many years and continue to expand the technical translation team. With regard to TW Languages’ selection criteria for new translators and revisers to be included on our database we ensure the individuals exceed the minimum qualification requirements as set out in ISO 17100 standard, which identifies the necessary translation, linguistic, textual, research, cultural and technical competences achieved through one of the following:

1) Has obtained a recognised qualification (e.g. degree, diploma, certificate) in translation or in linguistic or language studies that include translation training, from an institution of higher education, and 2yrs of translation experience.

2) Has obtained a recognised qualification (e.g. degree, diploma, certificate) in any other field from an institution of higher education and has 2yrs of full-time professional experience in translating.

3) Has 5+ years of full-time professional experience in translating.