Are you working with translated DESIGN files? If so, a couple of tips

Font – although the design file might have a designated font you should check with your translation provider if this is appropriate. Some languages only work with specific fonts, in particular Asian languages.

Split sentences / Line breaks – if you are splitting a sentence [over a line break] to manipulate the language to fit the design, or your software has automatically split the translated text, check with your translation provider that this is in the most appropriate place. You can’t always do what you want with a language, a particular challenge when working with Japanese and Thai.

Check before publication – if you are not familiar with the translated text and have made amendments ask your translation provider to have a quick check to make sure the formatting is correct before publication, better safe than sorry!

The above are direct experiences with our clients!

Message to the reader

Translations can be a bit of a ‘minefield’ therefore if you have any general questions about the industry or queries with a translation please send an email and we will happy to give you our thoughts.

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