Case study – Agrochemical and chemical industries working with overseas Ministries

One of the many challenges and demands our clients face within the agrochemical and chemical industries is working with overseas Ministries. Generally the requirements are for highly technical reports, large volume translations and urgent deadlines with no leeway for manoeuvre. Further consequences can occur if the translated reports are not received by the due date in that authorisation could be cancelled, further cost implications incurred etc.

Overall a major challenge for our clients.

A typical example can be seen when TW Languages received a project comprising of 15 reports of technical data for translation from English into a European language. The content comprised of regulation, safety reports, crop trails and tests etc. Of the 555 pages there were 127,000 words with approximately 50% of the words repeated throughout the 15 reports. The crucial element of the project was that the translation had to be ready for publication and returned to the client within 17 working days for onward transmission to the Ministry.

In a project of this size the key role within the team is that of the Translation Project Manager (TPM) and the importance of the high level of communication within the translation team and with the client. It’s crucial to have a precise project management plan that is shared with the translation and revising team. From the client’s perspective they need to know the cost savings for the high volume of repeated text.

The success factor for every project is meeting the aims and objectives and this is only possible if the TPM knows the exact requirements of the client and there are no unknowns, last minute delays etc. The TPM must also lead the team from the start of the project to delivery. Because of the high level of communication within the project the client had the assurance and confidence that the project was delivered on time and on budget.