Case study – Technical website for Turbo-Separator translated into four languages

The client required their technical website for the Turbo-Separator to be translated into four languages; consistent in style; each language to be localised and terminology from the brochures to be used as a glossary.

The Turbo-Separator ( is a machine that provides the technology to separate kitchen food waste for anaerobic digestion. TW Languages translated the technical website working closely with the client and agreeing on the technical terms.

Our translation strategy was to assess the four languages as one project for consistency in style taking an individual approach for each language for localisation purposes. We found, when translating the brochures, the consideration of culture and linguistic needs were apparent as the text related to food waste. Food can have different terminology and meaning in other languages. For example, Germany has no ‘brown sauce’ and Spain does not have ‘gravy’. These were two typical food products mentioned in the brochure as part of the description of the capability of the Turbo machine which separates liquids and solids.

TW Languages needed to ensure that content wasn’t added to the translation which did not appear in the original specification. The translation team fully assessed the problem as well as reviewing the terminology. The outcome was that any food product which did not translate exactly as per the source text would not be included in the end translation. The client also agreed with our decision.