What are the most frequently asked questions when buying translation services?

The most frequently asked questions when buying translation services:

Q 1)        Who are the translators?

Q 2)        Will they have experience in the subject matter?

Q 3)        When can you deliver the translation?

Q 4)        What format will the translation be in?

Q 5)        What languages can you translate?


TW Languages response:

A 1)        TW Languages team of professional translators are selected based BS EN 15038 translation standards. They are highly qualified with years of experience in translating as well as being native speakers of the target language. The translators translate into the language of their mother tongue and generally live in the country of their nationality.

A 2)        As per BS EN 15038 translation standards the translators must have a minimum number of years experience in technical and business translations. As well as a translation degree they may also have a degree / qualification in the technical subject.

A 3)        We will always meet the client’s deadline for delivery. For large urgent translation projects we have the ability to increase the size of the translation team and therefore speed up the translation process.

A 4)        We ensure that the files are in a format that meets the needs of the client and are easy to work with i.e. DTP, website designers, contracts etc.

A 5)        TW Languages has worked with over 170 language combinations, ideally for multi-lingual projects.