Language expert Future Group is expanding its share of the UK language services market by merging two of its companies. The move comes as the Group aims to provide more value and a greater number of specialist services to customers throughout the United Kingdom.

The Future Group-owned Lang2Lang will merge with new acquisition, TW Languages (TWL). Whilst both of these companies are respected names in the language services sector, the merger will bring resources and expertise together to help even more customers ensure their message always hits the right target.

Language is all-too-often a great barrier to superb communication, and as more and more businesses go global, the need to ensure accurate, time-sensitive translation has never been more important. Through a combination of localisation and translation services to suit every industry, the Future Group brand is a mark of quality – no matter how large or small the task.

Translation and localisation are two areas best left to the experts, so that nuances of communication can cut through and reach their intended audience without confusion. TWL is best known for a number of projects in the technical and scientific arena; by joining the Future Group and Lang2Lang brands, TWL will now also have access to a wider range of resources, including the technology required to implement an exacting standard of translation.

Partnering with Lang2Lang ensures the business retains all existing company values, personality, individuality and ethos – without missing out on the latest developments in translation technology. In short, everyone benefits from the merger, including the all-important end customer.

“This merger is a major stride towards more innovative services for our customers,” says Ali ElSawi, Managing Director at TWL. “Whilst we already pride ourselves on delivering an extremely high standard of translation, this can only improve as we centralise projects via one vendor. There are great opportunities for our upcoming projects to not only be more efficient, but more profitable for our customers.”

Find out more about Future Group at the official website www.f-g.com. To discover Lang2Lang, head to www.lang2lang.co.uk. For more information on TW Languages, visit the company online at www.twlanguages.com.