Good news on the Export front with ‘Chemical Market Sector’ being the star performer!

North West economy is over £120 billion: exports of goods account for about £26bn, add £8bn for exports of services. According to ONS statistics the North West is the biggest manufacturing region in the UK however manufacturing is around 10% of the economy and probably responsible for approximately two thirds of all our exports.

The star performer for exporting is the Chemicals industries, which is the single biggest exporter in the North West accounting for in excess of 25% of all our export goods.
(Data source: Clive Drinkwater DTI, NW Regional Director)

At TW Languages translating for export companies is our business and it’s interesting to see that the translations we produce follow the above trends. We specialise in Business, Technical, and Scientific translations and more than 60% of our work is for the Chemical Industry.

What does this mean in our day to day work?

– More certified translations required for legal purposes.

– More language combinations than any other market sector.

– The largest databases incorporating specialist reference material, more than any other market sector.

– The largest terminology term-base, more than any other industry.

– The largest database of specific terminology, more than any other industry.

An important requirement for TW Languages is being ISO 17100 ‘translation services’ certified and we have the relevant systems and processes in place.

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