Hard or Soft Brexit – translation will still be required!

Whatever the outcome of Post Brexit we will need to continue to communicate with European and International markets.

For those new to exporting, the key questions are ‘What is the best method of communication’ and ‘What are we trying to achieve within this message?’

I thought I would use our experiences as a translation company to give some understanding as to how we work with our clients. As well as, the thought process and analysis for each project which should answer the questions above.

Examples of our experiences as to what is required within a translation

Technical websites where the product / service is of high value. The client decides what sections of the website need to be translated. TWL ensures that the translation is localised to the target market, provides translation of SEOs, contact and payment details plus social media as requested. High value websites require high quality translation.

International public sector tenders. These are complex in that the details of the tender requires translation before the client’s response. The deadlines are very tight. As they are public sector tenders the translator must be a ‘sworn translator’ and based in the target country. The translation also needs to be certified in the target country. Meticulous project planning with tight deadlines plus high quality translation.

Important office communication / correspondence. To get an immediate understanding of the communication without responding. Translation only is sufficient to get the gist of what is being said.

Technical manuals. Having sold a product to a client there is generally a last-minute rush to get the manual translated and included within the packaging. Excellent project management skills are required. High quality translation using the end-client’s terminology where possible. It’s essential to use Translation Memory software as the translation can be re-used / updated in the future at a low cost.

Legal contracts. Face to face meeting to discuss a translated legal contract. We provide the client with a ‘side-by-side’ bi-lingual contract. High quality, high value translation produced in a ‘easy to use’ format for all parties.
Each translation is unique and the above are some outcomes from discussions with our clients where the ‘best method of communication which achieves the correct level of communication’ is agreed.

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