How do I save time and money getting design files translated?

The answer is to share the design files with your translation company. This saves you time in manually inputting the translated text into the original files yourself.

At TW Languages we have solved this problem for a number of our clients where they require professional design material in different languages within urgent deadlines and on budget.

The key is to have the appropriate translation memory software.

At TW Languages, we use Memsource, a translation memory (TM) software tool which accepts files in various formats for example: indd. By uploading the indd file to the TM software we are able to translate and revise the text direct from the indd file. Once completed and after quality checks we return the translated indd file to the client. They will spend a minimum amount of time on layout of the translated material before printing.

We have saved our clients more than two days on intricate design projects. There is also the added advantage that there is no preparation work for the client to prepare the source file for translation.

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