Is purchasing ‘translation services’ the same as purchasing other ‘bespoke’ services?


  • You want the seller (the translation company) to understand your needs.
  • You want to understand the costing structure and know what you are paying for.
  • You want to know who is responsible for your translation project and their experience.
  • You want to be given ‘best advice’ and support as part of the service.
  • You want a friendly and approachable service.
  • You want to be satisfied with the end-product and get value for money.
  • If there is any dissatisfaction you want to know this will be quickly addressed.

Where the translation industry differs to some other industries is that the translated text is unique. It is not a product that’s transferable or can be re-sold if the Buyer is dissatisfied. Therefore, it’s in the interest of the translation company to provide a service that meets the needs of the Buyer.

How do we manage this?

At TW Languages, we recognise not only that our clients have different desires and needs but also that their translation requirements are unique. What is consistent is our quality and service. We have ISO 17100 ‘translation services’ certification which we use as a platform for managing our core processes, qualification and quality requirements. This is combined with a foundation of rigorous systems and processes. Our staff know the quality process is the same for each project however the important element, which they also understand, is the strategic thinking at each stage of the project is unique.

By having an open, honest and transparent service we encourage feedback from our clients and if on the rare occasion we receive negative comments we quickly address this issue.

It is in everyone’s interest to fulfil the requirements of the Buyer.

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