Moving forward – excellent opportunities in the overseas market

The letter has been delivered and the UK has now triggered Article 50. Let’s break through the critical debate of BREXIT and take a positive view as to the way forward and some of the excellent opportunities for exporting.

At the beginning of the year the International Trade Secretary “called on businesses to seize export opportunities as the DIT (Department for International Trade) identified 50 key countries for growing trade and 2017 to be the year of exporting” –

There was positive news in a recent comment from @Baptist_Simon ( when he was attending the manufacturing summit in Abu Dhabi. He said “that one big topic of discussion is how manufacturing is back at the centre of political debates and what this means for both policymakers and business”.

The EIU are promoting the “Market Explorer” which is an interesting concept to analysing global opportunities. It is a unique online tool that empowers marketing, forecasting, business development & strategy professionals to see which countries and cities offer the greatest opportunities for their products and services, now and in the future.

There is no shortage of advice and support in ‘how to start exporting’, it’s a case of finding which best meets your needs. From a translation perspective, please feel free to contact the team at TW Languages for advice and support.

I want to know more about excellent opportunities in the overseas market. Please contact me