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Scientific Sector Succeeds With Precise Translations

Our modern world is underpinned by science, from semiconductors to advanced pharmaceuticals. Today’s research is no longer the preserve of isolated scientists beavering away in lonely laboratories, but is a multinational and multicentre endeavour, whether in the university or industrial sectors. The international nature of scientific projects has led to an increasing requirement to ensure that those working in or selling to the field can produce documentation that is appropriate for particular localities. Globalisation has led to the need for the localisation of scientific texts. High quality scientific translation services are essential if you want to ensure your message is transmitted free from error or ambiguity.

At TW Languages, we offer a one-stop hub for all your scientific translation needs. Our scientific translators have the knowledge to elucidate the most obscure technical jargon, giving accurate documentation in your chosen language. Our scientific translation services can help you sell your products or services, obtain patents or have scientific papers published in a wide variety of localities across the globe.

Our Scientific Translators Offer Outstanding Outcomes

TW Languages has a high-level team of translators, ready to quickly react to your needs. Our translators are not just professional in-country translators, they’re also qualified and experienced in your particular field. Our scientific translators are fully aware that accuracy is vital, particularly when translating detailed experimental methods.

Our team pride themselves on their knowledge of the intricacies of local languages, making sure that both scientific and business terms are precisely translated. We realise that scientific translation is full of pitfalls for the unwary (for example, ‘Benzin’ in German is not the same as ‘benzene’ in English). Despite having access to the latest technological translation software, all our output is carefully examined by our experienced scientific translators to guarantee the correct context and overall accuracy.

scientific translation services

Discover our Expertise in Scientific Translation Services

We offer scientific translation services that cover a wide range of documents, including:

  • Advertising materials and brand promotion
  • Catalogues and product websites
  • Equipment manuals
  • Labels and packaging text
  • Patents
  • Research proposals
  • Safety documentation
  • Scientific papers, theses and books
  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Technical data sheets
  • Training documents and records

Why Choose TW Languages?

At TW Languages, we treat your scientific translation requirements as extremely valuable, and we take great care to ensure high-quality output. We offer meticulous translation services, while also highly valuing confidentiality, reliability and the timely delivery of your translated texts. Our team of scientific translators are highly experienced professional native translators who are focused on providing accurate documentation to all our customers, regardless of the size of their organisation. We offer country-specific localisation services, even examining the colours and iconography of your materials, ensuring all documentation, labelling and packaging is culturally appropriate for each particular market.

We have the following advantages, not shared by many other translation companies:

  •        ISO 17100 & ISO-IEC 27001 – 2013 certified.
  •        ATC (Association of Translation Companies) member
  •        A rigorous quality process
  •        Our extensive team cover over 250 languages
  •        Proven methodology, which has given highly satisfactory results to many clients
  •        A dedicated project manager, with a master’s degree in translation and linguistics, for every account



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    Our Clients Tell Their Stories

    We have successfully partnered with many companies and scientific institutions, both large and small. We are careful to listen attentively to our clients’ specific needs, rather than just ‘turn the handle’ in a routine manner.

    Choose TW Languages for Your Scientific Translation Services

    Today’s rapidly advancing and competitive scientific sector needs high-quality localisation services in order to succeed in an increasingly globalised environment. Scientific translation requires advanced linguistic skills and technical knowledge, but many translation companies will provide one without the other. With TW Languages, you can be confident that your translation needs will be effectively fulfilled by our scientific translators in a prompt and cost-effective way, with an accurate translation of all scientific terminology.

    You can be sure that all your translation requirements will be fully met by our team. Please contact us with details of your needs; we will be too happy to assist.


    Scientific translation refers to the translation of texts to communicate or transmit scientific content in another language, culture and, perhaps, context.

    The main characteristic of scientific translation is the use of highly specialised terminology that is specific to each field. Scientific texts and documents often contain formulas, acronyms and abbreviations that the translator needs to be familiar with to be able to accurately translate the same data.

    Scientific translations are theoretical texts that need to be read slowly and are aimed at gaining knowledge. Technical translation is aimed at communicating the application of science as a means to obtaining a practical result that is immediate.

    The six main scientific translation theories are: sociological, communicational, hermeneutic, linguistic, literary and semiotic.