Great feedback makes for a happy working environment!

Getting great feedback from the Client gives the team a real buzz, not only the Translation Project Management team, the translators as well.

Reference from the Client – Luke Gooding, Creative Director,

“Impeccably translated in the sense that not only is the verbiage grammatically correct, but it is also capturing the message accordingly without it being “lost in translation””.


Comment from one of the translators who worked on the project:

That’s brilliant, I am very happy I was part of that. I’d just like to add to that the outstanding Project Management work. It’s not easy to find people with such care for the final text, and also, I had all the support I needed to deliver the translation. No wonder the result is top-notch.


5 tips why you should use a Translation Project Manager for business translations

The Translation Project Manager will:

1) Select the most appropriate translator(s) and proofreader(s) for your project.
2) Project manage multi-lingual projects and ensure consistency in all languages.
3) Ensure the highest translation quality, ready for publication.
4) Ensure the translation project is delivered on time.
5) Stay calm when the going gets tough!