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MAS can provide a free review of your business, a tailored action plan and match funding.

Ideal for business growth via exporting and financial support for professional translation services for business and website translation.

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TW Languages member of IOE and listed as a translation expert

TW Languages is business member of the Institute of Export and listed on  as an ‘expert‘ in offering business and website translations as well as support and advice on international communication.

The Institute of Export is a long standing professional membership body representing and supporting the interests of everyone involved in importing, exporting and international trade.

TW Languages is always pleased to offer support and advice regarding translation and overseas communication and have had numerous calls from IOE members.

Recently a member contacted us for guidance as they were baffled by all the information they had received. They were new to exporting and become inundated with information. Having recently signed up to a UKTI programme, they were receiving funding; using translation services but didn’t know if the rates were competitive; as well as having access to material as a member of the IOE.

We were able to provide some structure to the myriad of information received, as well as an analysis of translation costs to ensure the rates they were paying were competitive. We also gave indicators as to what to consider when selecting translation and interpreting services.

To summarise we were able to help them “see the wood for the trees” and have a greater understanding that they “know what questions to ask” to get the information they require.









Is Google translate being policed?

Is Google translate being policed? The answer is No. No one checks or reviews the results of the input of translation. Google translation database is built through crowdsourcing, anyone can add their interpretation of a translated text.

The overall concept of Google translate is excellent and an immediate tool to get the gist of a translation. But it can be ‘pot luck’ which languages produce more accurate translations, with no consistency in the results.

For business and technical translations it’s always recommended to use ‘human translation’ or at the very least get the translated text proofread. The translation of a website requires an extra level of quality as this is the ‘shop window’ of a business. To substantiate the comments above the following highlights a recent example of Google translate Russian to English text from an ‘Instructions for Use’ technical manual:


Human translation:         Do not turn power on

Google translation:         Do not include meals


What is included in the cost to translate a word?

What is included in the cost to translate a word? At least 10 activities!

Quoting for a job is fairly unique in the translation industry compared to other industries in that:

– Translation is based on ‘an actual cost per word’ and in some languages the cost can be based on per character, per line etc.
– There is a lower cost per word where translation CAT tools are used.
– Cost is associated with time hence business, website, technical and scientific translations take longer and therefore at a higher cost per word compared to general translation.

A quotation will give the fixed cost however the variable factor as to ‘what is included in the cost to translate a word’ can include at least 10 activities as listed below:

  1. Assessment & Analysis
  2. Translation Memory Software
  3. Format files
  4. Project Plan and team selection
  5. Communication, Selection and Administration
  6. Translation by native professional translator(s)
  7. Proofread by native professional proofreader(s)
  8. Checking in-house to the source material (list of activities)
  9. Re-checking in-house (list of activities)
  10. Sign-off, send to client before deadline


Is a work colleague the best person to translate the company’s website?

Just because a work colleague is fluent in a foreign language it doesn’t necessarily mean they can translate a document that’s fit for publication!

It can be a false economy to use work colleagues or friends to translate text for business, technical, scientific or website translations unless of course the individual is a qualified translator or highly experienced in translating.

Once a poor translation has been produced it’s time consuming and costly to improve the text. It will take a proof-reader plus editor to rewrite the material to bring the translation to an acceptable level, and it’s unlikely that the text will be of the same quality as a translation completed by a professional translator.

A recent example can be seen in a request we received from a Client to proofread a translation which their work colleague had translated. The proof-reader’s comments speak for themselves.

As far as proofing is concerned, it is hopeless, as the text is not really a text, plus the translated words were randomly translated, and do not relate to the client´s business.

The text needs more than a proof-reader. All I can suggest is a GOOD translator will use a proper TM (translation memory) for consistency. I know that re-writing such bad texts is worse than translating them.”

At least the Client requested that the text be proofread not all companies do this but assume the translation must be good because it was translated by a foreign speaker!


Multi-lingual website, technical translation and cost savings is an example of a successful complex multi-lingual website which includes technical translation, in three languages, together with translation cost savings of over 27%.

The success of this project was due to a number of reasons;  good working relationship between supplier and client; working towards the same aims and objectives; one point of contact for both parties and clear communication channels.

The overall project comprised of translating the website, technical documents, scripts, voice-overs etc., in all three languages. Over 120,000 words per language therefore after running the files through translation memory software we identified a high number of repetitions, which resulted in a cost saving for the client of 27%. Quite a saving for a large project!

The result is that Brelko have produced a complex website for the international market that is consistent in content and style and easy to navigate.