Tips on How to Choose a Translation Company for Your Chemical Documents

The world is becoming even more connected and with it, businesses are increasing their deals with foreign companies and selling more to foreign markets. For this reason, the need to translate accurately is even more crucial.

However, due to the special nature of the industry and its close relation to people’s health and wellbeing, chemical companies and manufacturers often need accurate and certified translations of their chemical documents to comply with laws and regulations. They need their chemical documents accurately translated to safeguard their clients, who may be other businesses that handle these chemical products or consumers themselves who will use these chemicals. If you need professional chemical translations, how do you choose the best translation partner? 

Here are our top tips.

Tip#1 – Choose an Industry Expert Translation Company 

There are many outstanding and reputable translation companies around, but it does not mean they are the perfect choice for translating your chemical documents.

Instead of looking for the general translation services providers, look specifically for translation companies focusing only on the chemical sector. Ideally, you should hire a translation company that has a team of linguists with qualifications in sciences and chemicals. This way you can be assured that your chemical documents are being translated by linguists who have knowledge of this specific industry and the terminology involved and who can expertly translate these documents from the source language into the target language.


Tip#2 – Choose an Accredited Translation Partner

The market is full of translation agencies that claim to offer the best services. However, you must look at their certifications and only hire an accredited translation company. Accreditation from organizations like Association of Translation Companies in the U.K or the  ISO 17100 certification are two of the main criteria that you should consider when choosing your chemical translation partner. 

Hiring the services of a translation agency that has such certifications will ensure high quality of chemical document translation. 


Tip#3 – Look for Reviews

Go for translation companies that offer you the chance to look at their portfolio of work for previous clients. Translation companies that are confident and well-established usually have a lot of positive reviews from their clients. When checking reviews, you could also ask the translation company for specific reviews by chemical companies that requested translating chemical documents. It will give you a deeper insight into the experience of a similar company to yours has had with the translation company. 


Tip#4 – Look for a 360-Degree Service Provider

When browsing a potential translation company’s website, it is easy to get bogged down in details about the translation and pay little attention to how the process will work. 

A professional translation company usually has a very well-defined process of handling a new project along with a team of in-house native linguists who have years of experience and subject matter expertise.

Therefore, you should make sure you have been assigned a competent project manager who will professionally handle your project and will be the main point of contact. Besides, it would be a plus for you to meet the team so you can actually gauge their abilities in addition to receiving specific timelines and milestones to check progress against.  


Tip#5 – Search Quality Control

A professional translation company will definitely have a very strict quality control process that incorporates rigorous principles that will be applied to the various phases of translation to eliminate errors and inefficiencies. During the initial translation, the qualified translators carefully translate the source content into the target language. They use translation memories and glossaries to efficiently translate the text with consistency. The translators edit the content once again after translation. A reviewer reviews the translation finally to ensure it meets the quality standard. 


Tip#6 – Do Not Compromise on Price

Even though finding a good deal may be on top of your priorities, yet it should not be the paramount factor that guides your selection of the best translation services provider. This does not mean there are not excellent translation services which are fantastic value for money, just remember not to let the translation costs play a major role in your final decision.

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