Video Remote Interpreting Service

Remote Video Services, the New Norm

When your business is faced with a potential language barrier, interpreting services are the best way to ensure successful conversations.

Video remote interpreting provides all the benefits of traditional interpreting services, with the added benefits of being available in a wide range of circumstances.

Whether your organisation needs services in a lesser-spoken language, a technical domain, or at the last minute, a video remote interpreter can facilitate conversations via easy to use the software, anywhere you need to be.

As the popularity of remote communication grows and technology advances, adding an interpreter into your meetings is easier than ever. Being able to see the interpreter brings an added personal touch, aiding communication on all sides.

Video Remote Interpreting Service

Video Remote Interpreting Service

Interpreting Services from Specialised Interpreters

Some businesses rely on multilingual staff members and associates to interpret for them, however, this risks a loss of information. Delivering messages accurately relies on a deep understanding of the situation, of domain-specific terminology, and of the need for privacy. People who are not trained often filter information or influence the situation.

Other companies may lean towards automated interpretation instead. While there are a number of apps available that provide voice recognition and an automatic, spoken translation, they leave room for serious errors and misunderstandings that cost time and money.

A specialised interpreter has the expert knowledge to undertake the task. They help businesses remain professional, acting as a neutral party who is trained to relay all the necessary information.

At TW Languages, our interpreting services are available for a range of fields. We are particularly specialised in the following domains:

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Medical Interpretation

1) Medical Fields (Medical Calls and NHS Cases)

TW Languages interpreters are certified multilingual professionals who are experienced in using technical healthcare and medical terminology. They are on hand 24/7 and available to the NHS and private medical organisations.

Our interpreters understand the need for discretion and are adept at complying with industry regulations for privacy and security.

Education Interpretation

2) Education and Schools

When it comes to education, communication is important both inside and outside the classroom. Interpreters can help schools overcome language barriers to reach parents and carers with vital information.

Whether it’s regular meetings, one-off updates, parents evenings, or formal reports, interpreting services can facilitate conversations wherever you need to be.

Legal Cases Interpretation

3) Immigration Office and Legal Cases

Multilingual conversations surrounding immigration issues need to be handled with due care and attention. When the outcome of a sensitive conversation affects lives, there is no room for language barriers. Our specialist interpreting services provide a neutral linguist to help all parties navigate complex and official issues, on demand.

Customer Service Interpretation

4) Customer Services

Customer service representatives need to know that they can communicate with the customers they assist. Whether you need a one-off call or a regular service, video remote interpreting can provide a vital link to help facilitate conversations.

Interpreting services also enhance international business relations by opening up opportunities both domestically and globally. TW Languages can help your business to navigate cross-cultural communication with maximum success, wherever and whenever you need.

Governmental Sector Interpretation

5) Government Sectors

Government departments with links to international organisations, multilingual platforms, or members of the public need to ensure that they have the resources to communicate effectively.

With over 150 languages available across mobile, tablet, and the web, our interpreters are experts in your domain and native speakers of the language you need. Our certified interpreters can help your department with cultural challenges and well as linguistic obstacles.

Our Interpretation Management System (IMS)

Booking an interpreter shouldn’t be complicated. In order to save time, we use a simple interpretation management system (IMS); a piece of software available on mobiles, tablets, computers, and via landline.

Our IMS lets you book an interpreter in a matter of seconds. Whether you need video remote interpreting, or another service, simply load the page to book a session on demand or in advance. The programme is accessible and easy to use.

We have up to 250 languages available. To find out more, click the link below:

What our Clients Say

Jayne Fletcher, Regulatory Assistant United Phosphorus

”One point of contact, always there, quality work, no need to check and meets deadlines.”

Crispin Manners, Chief Executive Kaizo

“If you are looking for a highly efficient translation service that goes the extra mile to meet client needs, expectations and often truncated deadlines then you should look no further.”

Neil Fitzsimons, Sales Director, Mainline Products

“Thanks a lot, your service has been nothing short of brilliant.”

TW Languages, Expert Interpreters

Our interpreters pride themselves on providing first-class services in their specialist subjects. We support them to deliver interpreting services in over 150 languages. Our experts do this quickly and accurately, using the latest technologies.

The interpreting services we provide can be accessed on-demand 24/7, on a mobile device, on the web, or via a landline.TW Languages is an ISO 17100 certified language service company. Our experience in the sector means that our interpreters have in-depth knowledge of the nuances of language and culture. They are professional, native speakers with a talent for relaying information in a clear way.

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