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We are TW Languages

Business & Technical translation services

Do you want the best in Business & Technical Translation Services?

TW Languages is a multi-lingual translation and transcription service providing Business & Technical Translation Services from our base in Cheshire. A local presence in North West England and a global reach for our international clients.

We work in over 200 language combinations, and have 20+ years of business and linguistics experience in project managing large complex technical and scientific translations. We work with clients who have a need for high quality translations, localised to the target market, delivered on time and within budget.

We offer a personal service to our clients so the translation process is transparent and fully understood. We designate a point of contact within the project team for all communication and ensure that the client can see that all quality processes have been adhered to. We can certify translations when required for legal purposes.

To view TW Languages French website please visit:

With regard to our chat line this is open from Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm. If you contact us outside these hours please include your email address in the text box and we will be respond within working hours. Alternatively email us direct with your enquiry to:

Our Specialisms

Business translation

Technical translation

Scientific translation

Website translation

Document translation

Certified translation

Legal translation

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TW Languages delivers high quality multi-lingual translations for business markets throughout the world. We work with human translations only. We translate over 150 languages both into and out of English. These include European languages, Arabic languages within the Middle East, Brazilian Portuguese, Latin American Spanish as well as Chinese, Japanese and Korean in Asia.

Our specialisation as a translation company is in technical and scientific translations required for global publication. We have 20+ years of business and linguistic experience and work in the following market sectors:

Agrichemical, International NGOs, Manufacturing, Engineering & Construction, Chemical, PR & Marketing, Multi-lingual websites, Financial Services, Medical & Pharmaceutical.

Our experience is extensive in project managing large complex technical translations in multi-lingual languages, a small sample: Chemical labels from French to English, English to Finnish, German to English, Dutch to English, English to Hungarian; Material safety data sheets from English to Turkish; Operator manuals English into Italian, English into Russian; Training manuals from English to Bengali, English to Nepalese etc..


TW Languages provides a reliable and accurate foreign language transcription service in over 150 languages. We specialise in technical subject matter for example medical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, business documentation etc.

Our audio transcripts are carried out by professional transcribers specifically selected for their linguistic skills and knowledge. This service can be described as an ‘audio secretary’ listening to one language and typing in another. This can either be on an MP3, DVD or watching a video.

We have provided a transcribing service for BBC documentaries, videos for learning, International / European pharmaceutical research groups, etc.

There are two types of transcription services (it is important to note that within the transcription process translation is not required and can be an unnecessary cost):

(1) Where the written text is required in the same language as spoken on the audio i.e. the audio is in French and a written version is required in French.

(2) Where the written text is required in another language from that spoken on the audio i.e. the audio is in French and a written version is required in English.


“If you are looking for a highly efficient translation service that goes the extra mile to meet client needs, expectations and often truncated deadlines then you should look no further. Try TWL and see for yourself.”

Crispin Manners
Crispin MannersChief Executive Kaizo

“Pleasure to work with as always, met deadline, on time and even before.”

Jo Prosphyga
Jo ProsphygaTraining & Resources Executive Language Testing division of Pearson

“ I’d like to take the opportunity to thank TW Languages. The quality of their service has been exceptional. With an understanding of working to tight deadlines with quality. I would recommend TW Languages to any company, large or small for their translation and interpretation needs.”

Neil Lancaster - Global Sales Manager
Neil Lancaster - Global Sales Manager ‘Deal With It’ Behavioural Safety. SOG Ltd

“The speedy turnaround of the translation was excellent and really helped us in putting together the information required for a meeting.”

Ian Cull

“Excellent & most professional service, translations managed beautifully.”

Jo Rogers
Jo RogersAssistant Export Manager Crown Paints

“One point of contact, always there, quality work, no need to check and meets deadlines.”

Jayne Fletcher,  Regulatory Assistant
Jayne Fletcher, Regulatory AssistantUnited Phosphorus

“TW Languages has carried out accurate translations of our Material Safety Data Sheets into several different languages and have always provided a professional and efficient service.”

Marjorie Parkinson
Marjorie Parkinson Lakeland Laboratories Limited


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TW Languages prices are based on competitive rates and are structured to allow maximum flexibility according to the specific requirements of each individual project as highlighted below. Each translation produced will have been through our ‘quality work flow process’ i.e. translated and revised by independent professional translators, together with our internal checking systems.

Our Team

Professional translation services

Janet Perkins, the Managing Director and founder of TW Languages has a strong belief in the company’s business ethics of honesty, integrity and transparency.

This is reflected in everything the company does from working with our translators, writing quotations for clients to having full confidence in the translation work we produce.

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