Legal Translation Services

If legal documents are getting harder to decipher, turn to the legal translation services of TW Languages to understand the details better. The legal translation solutions offered by us are extremely accurate and fluent, regardless of the languages involved. What makes us different is the ability to work across diverse industry verticals with exceptional skills, technological inputs, and an extensive team of translators to rely on.

Our Expertise

TW Languages works closely with its clientele and takes pride in offering bespoke services pertaining to the legal sector. Our unmatched price, quality, and exceptional levels of confidentiality further validate the credibility quotient. We strive for 100 percent customer satisfaction levels via our extensive service-specific catalog of legal translation services in the UK.

Translation solutions are offered by TWL which involves our experienced translators handling legalised official documents. We also specialise in Contract Translation where different legal contracts are translated, according to the organisational requirements. Other legal genres addressed by TW Languages include Court Document Translation and Financial Translation with each segment being handled by subject experts and experienced translators with legal backgrounds.

One of our most sought-after service sets includes legal document translation where we accurately interpret the associated documents while ensuring complete confidentiality. Apart from that, we also make sure that organisations are ahead of the Patent Translation worries including technical patents and other associated aspects. Lastly, our skill sets extend up to Sports Law translation and GDPR translation solutions, with the latter involving experienced and qualified translators from our side with excellent knowledge regarding the General Data Protection Regulation synonymous to the European Union. We also offer selective Will Translation solutions to individuals who are looking to understand the nuances of a specific yet intricate testament.

Why Choose TW Languages?

In addition to offering multi-genre compatibility, here are the top reasons to choose TW Languages as your go-to translation partner

  • Highly qualified and experienced translators.
  • Competent legal translation.
  • Accurate and contextual translations.
  • Extensive translation memory and the innovative use of technology.
  • On-time delivery of translated documents.
  • ISO 17100 certified professional standards.
  • Registered as a translation company in England and Wales.

Our Clientele

We are proud to be associated with a number of leading global businesses who trust us with their legal translation services. Our esteemed clientele ranges from SMEs to corporate businesses and includes Cassons and Butcher & Barlow.

For a business that is looking to find a reliable translation partner for all their legal testaments, social statements, court orders, and other related documents, TW Languages is certainly the best way forward. Contact us at +44 (0)161 826 8777