Measure the success of your International Marketing campaigns in 2017

It’s not often that we can follow through with a client and measure how successful their international marketing campaign has been plus the ROI relating to the cost of the translation service. This is what we’ve managed to do with one of our clients Auto365 where we worked with them on their international marketing campaign to increase the number of overseas visitors to their UK exhibition.

Auto365 Live is an exhibition for PDR, SMART Repair & Detailing professionals, attracting a large number of technicians from these three industries.

The Auto365 team decided to take the opportunity while exhibiting at an event in Germany to promote their UK exhibition which was to be held later in the year. They arranged for an informative ‘handout’ to be translated into French and German. Later the Auto365 website was also translated into the same languages. Overall cost for professional translation services: less than £750.00 per language.

Auto365 obtained actual data from both the translated websites as well as monitored new visitor bookings plus record any other business opportunities relating back to the success of the exhibition: Auto365 response:

Q: Do you know how many hits you had on both French and German websites?

A: From the start of January 2016 up until the event we had a total of 483 visitors to the French website and 698 visitors to the German website. We also saw a spike in visitors from Russia, Poland, Bulgaria & Netherlands.

Q: Did you have more foreign enquiries via the translated website?

A: We did receive quite a number of international enquiries from the translated websites which we didn’t during the run up to last year’s show which we put down to the translated websites.

Q: In general did you have more overseas attendees this year and could this be because of the website?

A: We did. The competition that we organise during the exhibition saw competitors from around the world, the 4 semi-finalists were from USA, Russia, New Zealand and Poland.

Q: Did you gain other business for Lumisi from the translated website?

A: Yes, a number of exhibitors have since utilised our services post exhibition. (i.e. Logistics Services)

For such a small cost for translation services it’s apparent that the return of investment can be seen from the increase in the number of attendees however other secondary aspects which are as important for the client are: a wider exposure for international marketing, higher profile and professional standing within the industry, other sales opportunities etc.

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