How do I sell more to other countries?

A simple and cost effective approach in ‘how to sell more to other countries’ is to track the overseas visitors viewing the company’s website. Tracking analytical software is used to obtain data of the location of visitors to your website, landing pages etc. This provides the opportunity to reach out in various ways to these visitors and create potential sales leads by changing the company’s strategic focus from ‘selling to other countries’ to ‘countries that want to buy from you’.

Andy Harris ( suggests that companies “could be selling more to other countries” by taking a reverse approach and looking at the overseas market in a different way and with fresh eyes.

By analysing tracking data this can identify a number of issues, for example:

If a company’s strategy is to ‘look at countries that they want to market to’ rather than ‘countries where there is an interest in their products’

If there are any specific ‘landing pages’ which are popular with most visitors and should these be translated.

If a regional (i.e. Europe) or country (i.e. France) approach is required.

If a ‘call to action’ for overseas visitors is required.

Andy Harris has identified “best” practice by stepping into the shoes of someone from Germany who has visited a UK website which is much more internationally-focused …

1. They land on the website.

2. They may look at various product/service pages.

3. They will certainly look at your geographical location.

4. They will see, on various pages they move through, that there is a map (could be Europe, could be the World), and a link encouraging them to click through.

5. They get to a page (e.g. about the Europe focus).

6. They see that there’s a link/graphic to a ‘Germany’ page and they click on it.

7. Within that Germany page they see several examples (ideally, including testimonials) of German customers who have bought from the business.

8. They make contact with the business in the knowledge that the business has served businesses within their own (Germany) geographical location.

Once you have identified the visitors who are interested in ‘buying from you’ impress them and ‘close the sale’ by translating the website pages that are being viewed.

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