Low cost investment in translation services produces high returns for live event

Auto365 Live is an exhibition for PDR, SMART Repair & Detailing professionals, attracting a large number of technicians from the industry. Having organised the exhibition over the past 2 years, the team at Auto365 were constantly amazed by how international this sector has become. They knew that there would be a business growth opportunity if the show was more accessible to foreign markets.

The team at Auto365 planned to exhibit at an event in Germany in order to promote their exhibition to be held in the UK later that year. They saw the opportunity of using foreign languages to promote the event to an international audience. They engaged TW Languages to work with them to produce high quality translated material, which could be used as handouts to prospective clients.

The outcome is that Auto365 received not only a number of enquiries from potential exhibitors for the UK event but also actual bookings.

By handing out the translated marketing material directly to individuals, Auto365 highlighted their professional approach and commitment to welcoming overseas visitors to the UK. The added benefit of working with TW Languages, a professional translation company, is the confidence gained from knowing that the translation is of high quality and localised to the foreign market.

“Without the translation of the marketing brochure, it is unlikely that we would have been able to fully achieve our aims and objectives”. Auto365

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