Southern Taiwan ahead of the game when it comes to ‘pedestrian road signs’

An interesting idea to improve traffic safety.

Pedestrian crossing signals in southern Taiwan received a romantic redesign; a traditional lone walker symbol was joined by a sweetheart just in time for Valentine’s Day.

More than 40 intersections in southern Taiwan’s Pingtun county were programmed with the holiday crossing signals, which display a man kneeling to propose during red lights and a couple walking together during green lights, Taiwan News reports. Mayor Pan Men-an said the new signs demonstrated that Pingtung is “a county filled with love.”

The new displays were commissioned by local police and debuted on a limited trial basis in December last year, before receiving the full roll-out Tuesday. The creative redesign also serves a practical purpose, said creator Cheng Da-wei, by helping “attract” pedestrians’ attention to improve traffic safety.

At the opening ceremony for the new road signs this week, he noted that the redesign also ended 18 years of solitude for the street-crosser.

Courtesy of News from Elsewhere

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