Translation Agency – six things you should look for when hiring one

When looking to hire a translation agency, it is important to do some research to ensure that you are choosing the correct agency for your needs, be it for medical notes for translation, legal document translation, instructions and technical information, or any other document, audio-file, pamphlet or book. Here are the six most important things to look for when hiring;

1 – Check that the agency’s area of expertise matches the expectation of what you require from them. This could mean language or area of translation, ensure that what you are looking for is confidently provided by them.

2 – The forms of translation that agencies will offer will sometimes differ between them. Ensure that they are able to deliver not only what you require now, but make sure that they have the scope to deliver what you may wish for in the future. This is good for continuation, as well as, developing a working relationship.

3 – Timescale is an important consideration. A reputable translation agency may very well have a lot of other current work with ongoing clients and may not always be able to complete new work from you straight away – be sure to enquire about the deadlines you may want when choosing who to go with.

4 – An agency who offers the cheapest tariffs should never be your sole reason for choosing them, however price is always an important factor to consider and discuss before forming any contract or agreement.

5 – Ensure the agency and their translators meet the required quality management standards. This will ensure that you have an understanding of the quality control they abide by.  This information can usually be found on the translation company’s website.

6 – Lastly you must check out the translation company’s reputation. Honest reviews and testimonials can usually be easily found with a little bit of effort, and often there will be some available on the actual company’s website. You want to know that they deliver a high standard of both translation work and customer service, plus meet deadlines.