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5 Clear-cut Advantages of Telephone Interpreting

Telephone interpreting is suitable for many applications, including speeches, interviews, legal or medical appointments, business meetings, and much more. There are many reasons for businesses to seek out an over the phone interpreter and in this article we are going to highlight the top five motives for using a telephone interpreting service, such as that offered by TW Languages.


Location makes no difference to phone Interpreting services and either. Advances in technology and Internet speeds also mean that communications do not suffer from the same poor connections, drop-outs, and signal losses that once affected telephone interpreting adversely. All you need is an audio link to streamline communications with your telephone interpreting service and from there to deliver your message, whether to client, consumer, or B2B. 


Phone Interpreting services can be up and running swiftly, meaning that urgent communication can be turned around quickly. It takes less time to instigate a telephone interpreting service session than it does. Which means it is an efficient method in terms of both time and cost. Many medical and legal  Interpreting needs can be time-critical, and having a telephone interpreting service on the other end of the line can make all the difference in resolving potential situations. Many business transactions and corporate financial deals need to be finalised quickly, and deadlines can be tight for things such as announcements concerning financial results, stock market disclosures, mergers & acquisitions, changes to senior management, and new product launches, for instance. There is often insufficient time to arrange for the physical presence of an interpreter who would have to travel to company premises or the location of an event. This means that the availability of an expert who can perform telephone interpreting to a high standard often stands out as a clear advantage.


By slashing the valuable time spent traveling, removing travel expenses from the equation, and doing away with expensive hotel accommodations, the savings that businesses can benefit from in terms of both time and money are impressive. Both can be put to better, more efficient use by organizations that employ phone interpreter services.


Sometimes, if sensitive information is being disclosed, the parties to the telephone interpreting service may prefer the presence of an over the phone interpreter to a face-to-face meeting as the physical barrier and absence of another human face can encourage people to speak more freely and share information. This might apply in cases where a medical translation is being performed, something in which TW Languages specialises.  


Unlike, say, document translation, any vagaries of language can be addressed contemporaneously during a telephone interpreting call, so queries over linguistic quirks are cleared up immediately. A telephone interpreting service might also flag up potentially damaging content — or that which might be offensive to the target audience — thus highlighting any potential upset, embarrassment, or cost and nipping it in the bud. TW Languages has a highly qualified in-house translation project management team where all individuals  — an additional guarantee over the precision of your telephone interpreting project. TW Languages also operates a policy whereby each member of the translation management team completes a ‘Belbin self-perception’ questionnaire where their strengths and weaknesses are identified as to what role they will play within the team, which works as a motivational tool in staff development. Staff appraisal also recognises continuous professional development needs to further progress our experts’ careers. 

TW Languages places the latest technology in the hands of its team of expert linguists to make your telephone interpreter needs easier, quicker, and more effective. There is no need for pre-scheduling or a complicated pre-request process, as interpreters are available around the clock and ready to help you out, no matter the rarity of the language pair or the complexity of the subject matter. You can connect with a professional over the phone interpreter possessed of a wide knowledge of both source and target languages, as well as familiarity with your particular sector, with just one click. 

TW Languages is a multi-lingual translation and transcription service provider, which specialises in technical and scientific translations in up to 250 languages, thus meeting the multiple needs of business and customers all around the world. We have a huge team of experienced and well-trained over-the-phone interpreters who are aware of spoken language nuances and well-versed in multiple areas of expertise. 

Break down those language barriers with the telephone interpreting service operated by TW Languages.

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