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5 Reasons to Use a Translation Company for Your Business Translation Needs

1) Subject-Specific Expertise Finding the best translator for the job can be challenging, not to mention time consuming. Translation companies already have access to an extensive pool of resources across global languages which have been thoroughly vetted. We can handpick linguists whose expertise and capabilities best match the scope of your project. This means even […]

6 Things to Look for in Life Sciences Translation Services

Using a translation memory for life science texts ensures a high-quality translation, whilst saving time and money.   What is a Translation Memory? A translation memory is a database of previously-translated segments of text. These segments could be sentences or paragraphs about a specific subject. Both the original text (the source text) and the translation […]

Revealing the Mysteries of Scientific Translation

“Imagine how underdeveloped science would be, were it not for translation…Each language community would have to discover the entire body of scientific and technical knowledge for itself. This would not simply be a case of reinventing the wheel, but reinventing the wheel dozens, if not hundreds, of times.” – Jody Byrne, scientific and technical translator. […]

Watch Out For These Medical Translation Mistakes!

Translation errors happen, sometimes with trivial consequences, other times causing huge damage ─ possibly to the brand’s image, or, on a diplomatic level, they may fracture international relations. All in all, mistranslation is probably the only serious side effect in an industry that connects people, countries and cultures.   Irreparable Consequences of Medical Translation Errors […]

Why Do Legal Companies Need Legal Translation Services?

 In 2018, about 2600 legal cases were abandoned or adjourned by UK courts due to a shortage of interpreters and translators. This speaks volumes about the vital importance of legal document translation services ─ not only for the legal profession, but for people from all walks of life.   Why Are Legal Translation Services Vital? […]

Why’s Technical Translation More Expensive?

Whether you need technical translation services in the UK or elsewhere, high quality makes the difference between a professional translation and an improvised one. What’s more, accurate, first-rate technical translation services are becoming increasingly necessary at a time when a wide range of tech industries are rapidly growing, selling their products across the globe, and […]

How are Healthcare Technology and Translation Shaping the Healthcare Industry’s Future?

Whether in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere, the key factor in judging the level of healthcare in any given country is definitely people’s access to healthcare services, an aspect which substantially differs across individuals, communities and countries. Even though people’s access to medical care services is usually impacted by numerous social and economic conditions, the world […]

5 Questions To Help You Find A Medical Translation Company

With many businesses offering medical translation services, you could be under the misconception that getting any form of medical translation carried out is a simple process. However, not all medical translation services are carried out by skilled, experienced and qualified medical translators, meaning that one slip of the keyboard could lead to misinformation, serious reputational […]

Tips on How to Choose a Translation Company for Your Chemical Documents

The world is becoming even more connected and with it, businesses are increasing their deals with foreign companies and selling more to foreign markets. For this reason, the need to translate accurately is even more crucial. However, due to the special nature of the industry and its close relation to people’s health and wellbeing, chemical […]

Localisation: Do It Right, Reach A New Height!

What is Localisation? Where almost half of the global population communicates by the means of merely 10 different languages, the rest of the people use nearly 6000 different languages and dialects. This vast lingual diversity makes it very challenging for businesses to become ever-present despite the disappearing of other trade barriers, making localisation one of […]