How Professional Translation Companies Help The Public Sector

The public sector is responsible for some of the most important services we use every day. The NHS, local councils, and other public services are tasked with providing vital support to people across the country, but this can become difficult when trying to communicate with someone who isn’t fluent in English.

At TW Languages, we work with many local councils, child and adult social care organisations, and other public sector bodies to ensure everyone can access and understand public services. In this article, we look at some of the key benefits of how a professional translation services company can help the public sector and, ultimately, those in need of support from public sector services.

Medical Translation Services 

Professional translation companies can help social care organisations communicate with immigrants and asylum seekers. This is particularly important when it comes to medical services, as they may not be able to understand the information provided in English by their doctors, nurses and other staff members. This can also involve the translation of different correspondence documents and forms needed by the NHS for example. Communication can include phone calls, emails and letters. These are often important, include time sensitive documents and conversations that need to be conveyed across correctly, without fail. 

In addition, we could have some interesting initiatives being developed in the pipeline that will help us deliver our social responsibility towards the public sector, this includes, but not limited to:

  • A free training and orientation on the language/translation industry that could be deployed immediately to immigrants who have recently arrived in Britain so they can use this as a programme to engage quickly and find access jobs in the industry we do serve. This programme is available on the our group learning academy website and we could arrange this for all interested parties.
  • Internship programme for immigrants who are seeking jobs in the language and translation industry.

Citizenship, Housing and Accommodation Translation Services

Alongside medical support, a professional translation company such as TW languages, can also assist with translating documents for asylum seekers and refugees who are applying for citizenship or permanent residency status in the UK. The documentation involved is not only extensive but also critical to get right. Even the smallest piece of uncertainty needs to be ironed out to avoid any complications. With so much at stake, a qualified translator needs to be on hand to provide their expertise. 

The current housing situation in the UK is often difficult for UK citizens, so you can imagine the complex situation immigrants or asylum seekers can find themselves in. They often will require some guidance in this area as the UK housing economy is potentially very different to how things are handled in their native country. With that in mind, accurate translation becomes essential when someone wants to arrange accommodation using the government’s services. On the other hand, they could potentially have the same translation needs when speaking to estate agents, solicitors, conveyancers etc. 

General social, schooling, employment, child health and development services are of great importance to those entering the country. Getting everything right is critical, therefore, those organisations supporting these services will always benefit from professional translation services. 

For example, we recently provided some urgent support to a family who needed a large number of documents translated at short notice for a pending court case involving child protection. This was turned around very quickly to ensure documentation was ready to meet a court date, and all parties had a full understanding of the proceedings. 

Work and Employment Translation Services 

Now that the person has somewhere to call home, the next step for them may be to begin working, if possible. Learning English will be vital to their work aspirations, as even the basics go a long way. Beginning to work in a foreign country is usually a firm indicator of someone becoming embedded within their new community. A big step in their life that kick starts a new chapter, requires a personal touch from a translator who cares. Getting the right help will go a long way into ensuring a smooth launch of their career. 

Employment firms, recruiters and government agencies can provide the support needed in finding employment for someone. However, that becomes difficult if language is a barrier. That’s where a company like TW Languages steps in, ensuring that both parties reach the desired outcome.


An organisation in the public sector has the responsibility of providing specific services to the community. This can become difficult when there is a language barrier, especially if the people requiring these services are refugees. When providing these crucial services, companies in this industry can benefit from working in true partnership with a company such as TW Languages. 

When those basic needs are looked after, if the person involved is able to work, they will no doubt want to begin earning a living. Providing translation services throughout someone’s journey into beginning life in the UK is a challenging but rewarding task. Until they feel confident, companies in these sectors need to ensure they are helping wherever possible. 

We currently provide translation services in over 50 languages specifically for the public sector, with another 200+ language pairs available, and can help with a number of projects with varied timescales. If your organisation provides any of the above mentioned services to refugees, asylum seekers or immigrants, let us help you, help them. To get in touch simply:


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