Let your Translation Company work harder and take the strain

How often do we say, “there’s never enough time in the day”?  We only ever get 24 hours so I’m also fond of saying, “work smarter and not harder”!

That’s just what we endeavour to do whenever we receive a request for translation at TW Languages; we take the strain from our client and take full responsibility for the project and its deadline, enabling you to ‘work smarter and not harder’.

Quote: “Many thanks for your help with these translations and for always keeping to schedule which really helps us here.” UPL Europe Ltd

A good example, and one of our strengths, is working on a complex technical translation required in multi-languages to meet an urgent deadline:

Project:      Our Client sent 1 x email with 1 x technical translation of an EU label required urgently in 11 languages.

Process:     TW Languages allocated 24 x personnel (translators, proof readers, checkers and a Project Manager) who worked on 1 x template. The Project Manager used their skills to ensure a collaborative approach within the team and utilised translation memory to enhance quality, etc.

Delivery:   Our Client received all of the translations within the agreed deadline each being a mirror image of the original, ready for publication.

Result:        1 x Happy Client!

A useful tool which helps us to find ‘a smarter way to work’ is Dropbox – excellent for transferring large files. We can send instructions on how to use this facility and provide help to upload files.