Is Google translate being policed?

Is Google translate being policed? The answer is No. No one checks or reviews the results of the input of translation. Google translation database is built through crowdsourcing, anyone can add their interpretation of a translated text.

The overall concept of Google translate is excellent and an immediate tool to get the gist of a translation. But it can be ‘pot luck’ which languages produce more accurate translations, with no consistency in the results.

For business and technical translations it’s always recommended to use ‘human translation’ or at the very least get the translated text proofread. The translation of a website requires an extra level of quality as this is the ‘shop window’ of a business. To substantiate the comments above the following highlights a recent example of Google translate Russian to English text from an ‘Instructions for Use’ technical manual:


Human translation:         Do not turn power on

Google translation:         Do not include meals